QR Code Generator
QR Code Generator is an offline windows executable (.exe) file. It is free for 2 days and after that it requires internet connection to validate license. The windows exe is capable of single and bulk QR Code(s) generation.

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     ASP.NET Dll for QR Code Generator
ASP.NET DLL for QR Code is a library that contains code which can be integrated by developer in any software application to generate QR Codes.

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     InteliScan API
Some times, as a Software Developer you also would have wished for an online API that would integrate with your software application as a Service and generate unique QR codes for your documents, product labels, etc., based on inputs from your software.

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     Mobile App
Android users can download our InteliScan QR Code Scanner App from here . You can contact us for customization of your own App at +91- 11 64623381/82.