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QR codes allow advertisements, brochures, posters, even billboards to direct users to a mobile landing page that contain much more information and interactivity than can be afforded on the printed page.
QR Codes can be used for marketing and promotions in a variety of printed materials, including:
- Conference/Event Displays.
- Print Advertisements. More...


QR codes can be used for assurance to the consumers of farm produce, by providing information on the product, food safety, traceability, etc.,
Scanning the QR code can lead to fruit’s planting date, fertilizer use, harvest date as well as contact information of the grower.
Similarly QR code scan provide access details about the animals’ vaccinations, medical and treatment history. More...

Real Estate

A real estate builder can generate QR code for a particular project and place this code on advertisements or even at the project site.

When people see the house, they could scan the code and it would take them to the website where they could see animations of the project, possible floor plans – maybe even feedback from other visitors. More...


QR codes were actually invented by Toyota. Toyota used QR codes to track their cars during their manufacturing process.

Dealerships can use QR codes to provide information to potential buyers. You scan the QR code and it provides the vehicle ID number, stock number, specials, details and specifications of the car, and discount offers. More...


QR code can equip airlines with the ability to check-in to a flight via a mobile device using a QR code, or mobile boarding pass.

The mobile boarding pass is essentially a paperless e-ticket. Here is how it works:
• The QR code acts as a unique link to all of your flight information
• You click the link in the email to retrieve your QR code. More...

Alcoholic Drinks

Brewery, wines and the spirits industry can use QR codes for not only marketing, but also for counterfeit protection. QR codes are the only way to combat fakes in alcohol industry.

Consumers can scan the QR codes with their smartphones. And they will be checked automatically with a known database. More...